How can any full time artist live with just one easle! I am on three canvases at a time and still not satisfied. Oils take too long to dry! Fortunately I am working in three different styles… But it is part if my problem . There us not a distinct style. I get bored when I have done smething and can’t endlessly repeat the progress to really perfect it.

I decided years ago that it does not have to be an income, art is to enrich my life. It is about the interisting people it brings me into contact with and the places it brings me. And Paris is one..!

I walk most places I want to be. It makes me get to know the city better and I love the vibrancy and the rhythm of Paris. But I love the Metro station entrances. They are like gateways to a new world. You go down one and after a few minutes you pop out in a different world, in another part of Paris .

This morning I entered the metro 10 meters from my flat and poped up in Montparnasse , the old artist colony. I was on my way to the Bordelle museum.

He was a student of Rodin but worked on monumental scale and in a more modern style.

What endeares me even more is that he, like me, was a great Beethoven fan, That is obvious from the countless studies he made of the composer.

After meeting an old friend at the Brancussi museum we went home for lunch. The two of us set off to the modern art museum for the temporary exhibition of  Giacometti, Derain and Baltus. I am a Giacometti fan and was not disappointed. Even with few of his well known sculptures on exhibition there are excellent paintigs to see.

What impressed me was the amount of sketches these artists made of old masters! Sometimes I think that our art schools do not give enough emphasis to technique and the ability one need to paint well and too much on the concept of art. True technique comes from imitation. I love shetching old masters. Maybe it will pay off some day!

We visited the Eiffel Tower, bought some wine and cought up with our lives over a perfect dinner my Love cooked for us.

Life is good!



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