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The Joy of Mastering a new Craft

On Saturday I attended a leather work training course. It was presented by the Cape Leather Training Company. The presenters were Lourens and Marinda Brandt, a husband and wife team, that really works well together. They present the classes from their studio at home, a warm and welcoming space. We were just two pupils that ensures individual attention.

The products that we crafted were well designed and when we were finished, it looked like a professionally made product. I can hardly wait to make my first bag on my own to see if I can keep up the professional standards that the team insists on.

The Workspace

We worked in a neat and well lit area. We had all the instruments needed to work with at our disposal. What I liked most of all is that we used basic hand tools only. You do not need to buy a lot of expensive equipment to be able to replicate the same quality of work at home. This is handwork at its best.

Bag for shaving tools.

At this stage in my life I do not need new things. To be able to get an authentic experience is worth so much more. I shared the day with my son-in-law. We had an absolutely great time together. We gained a new skill, we bonded, and walked away with a feeling that we can still change the world.

My message is to go forth and change the world. Make your life a better place. Create chances for yourself to enrich your own life. This is one of those chances.


Recycle, upcycle

I am a sucker for collecting stuff. All kinds of useless stuff most people just throw away. I am sure that sooner or later I might need it. The result was a gararge so full that there was no place for a motor vehicle.

Then I decided to start making things, using all the useless stuff. Fortunately a very appreciative niece was there to encourage me. It started off with an extra piece of leather left over from furniture that was re-upholstered.

I used the leather in combination with pieces of wood. The first one as a backpack. As it was for my daughter, studying as a winemaker, using parts of an small wine barrel as sides to the bag. An old soft rope was used as back pack carriers.


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