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This morning I had to check my phone to see what day it is! Days flow one into another. Life here is carefree. We live a sensual life of seeing beautiful things, hearing incredible music, both in concert and the street buskers. Great food and wine to taste snd smell and a day without time. We read, go to sleep and wake up spontaneously.

As I said before, will I be able to settle into a normal routine again. I love this life without stress, without responsibility and without possessions. Mabe we should look at to see what we can implement of this into our normal lifestyle. There must be a lesson to learn!

I know about the Henner museum. On my previous visit it was closed when I got there. I read up on him and it sounded stuffy. Frases like academic painter and portrait painter sounds dark and gloomy. But when I read that his work is difficult to catagorise I decided I do need to see this. Tonight I must confess: I am in love with another painters work!  Continue reading Today