Tuesday’s wild goose chase.

I did not do it for more than a month now. My great time waster, You Tube. I watched a video and the part that intrigued me was called No Whining Wednesday. It means all day you are not allowed to whine, complain or criticize. Every time you do put some money aside. We can decide what to do with it later. Who will join me?

Late morning I am of to the Zadkine museum. Another studio museum of a modern sculptor. First I checked on google that it is open on a tuesday and the hours and best route.  About three kilometers so of we go.

As usual I see more than just the road that leads there. I am amazed at all the small specialist shops that flourish in a city like this. Food shops, so important to the paresiens, wine shops and this little ons specializing in toys for dogs! Really!


The first church I go into is the St Etienne du Mont. An old church with incredible architectur

The stained glass windows is beautiful. Some were removed for restoring and one can see it close up. Remember these are usuallu about 20 meters from ground level at best  the amount of detail is astounding!

The area on the photo is about A4 size!

This too! Painted on glass high up in the church where nobody can even see it. I do admire ( dark ages) gothic artists!

At last! Zarkine museum! Closed until 28 September! By then I am back in good old Worcester! They are preparing for a big new exhibition ( Fortunately tomorrow is No Whining Wednesday! So I leave it at that.

I sat down in the Luxenburg gardens to draw and think. ( I always think better with something to do..)

I decided to see the Foundation Cartier. Another of Jean Novels great buildings. Like the Branly museum huge glass walls protecting a semi wild garden and recreational area.

The current exhibition is a photo exhibit on cars. It was entertaining, but the building was great.

On my way back I came across this great piece of graffiti. Boy, i wish I could do that! Illusion on Homers Odessius.

So even with my main aim not achieved it still was a great day.  Now for some painting.



One thought on “Tuesday’s wild goose chase.”

  1. I’m in for No Whining Wednesday 🙂

    What a disappointment that the Zarkine was closed. Could have been worse … The Louvre was closed on my last day in Paris that I set aside for the visit ..

    Happy art making!

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