I did not think that I would experience the seasons so directly as we do here in a big city, but with the first of September came a coolness in the breeze and clouds. Leaves started to change color and started falling.

Sun is ideal for taking pictures but the cooler weather is much more friendly if you like walking and sightseeing.

I was sitting on the lower level of the banks of the Seine this morning, drawing the many bridges that connects the right bank with the island. These I will later change into more formal sketches.

After lunch we went to Galleries Lafaette, a big apartment store. Everybody who knows me will know that shopping is not my thing. But this is a must experience: seven stories high and spread over three city blocks. Huge and elegant.

It is also remarkable how unhappy people looked with all the most luxurious items around them. (Maybe they looked at the prices.)

I picked up a brochure on design and was intrigued to see the philosophy that goes into the products these guys design. There is so much I still need to learn.

We walked over Pont Neuf and the Notre Dame island as the sun was setting. Beautiful. We browsed at our bookstore, Shakespeare and co.  On our way we passed several small art supply stores. They have such wonderful stock that if I give myself free reign in them I can bankrupt myself (or even the Guptas if I tried.)

After dinnen at a local restaurant it is off home.


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