Wednesday 9 August

A question to all musical people reading this: if you are a composer, does the language you speak influence the music you compose? All languages have a built in rhythm. I know music is a language onto its own, but if you write for singing it must have an influence on the music.

Is that why German music differs a lot from French and Italian music?

Now you know some of my musings while listening to the glorious music recital of last night.

This morning I walked on the right bank of the Seine. You can either walk on the road level or a few meters lower on river level. By the river is where the Parisians can be found jogging, walking their dogs and playing with their children. Peaceful with a backdrop of old, beautiful architecture. Almost unimaginable to think a few meters up it teams with tourists and cars on their way to work.

My first visit today is l’Orangerie. The great attraction is Monet’s water lily paintings. 8 huge canvasses, meters and meters of tranquility. Each canvas presenting another  part of the gardens Monet built so that he could paint close to home.

I will post a video on it too.

The rest of the museum is just as imposing.  All impressionists from Cezanne and beyond up to Picasso and Matisse can be enjoyed.

Modigliani with the unseeing eyes
Monet sunset

Another Brancusi Kiss

The Second museum is the Petit palais. A beautiful  building built , like the Eiffel Tower, for the 1900 world exhibition.  Some of the current exhibits are glass from the era that could have been on that exhibition. The Art Deco furniture is especially striking.

The rest of the exhibits include an eclectic collection that covers Greek art from 650BC up to 17th to 19th century art and artifacts.

This evening we had the joy of meeting the Louw family from London who came to visit us for a few days.

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