With no plans for today I started drawing some of the places I have been to in Paris. From there I started with two small oils, one on canvas paper and one on board. It is so relaxing to be able to paint and draw without knowing you have to hurry to do something or feeling guilty for not doing something that needs urgent attention.

I could experiment with new techniques and enjoy myself.

With sketches I worked out a new technique as well that I like, but that too will probably change some more in the few days left.

Tonight was opera time. Luchia de Lammermoor in the Theatre des Champs Elysees. Cheap seats again. Our speciality. This time right under the roof! But as soon as the lights went of everybody scrambled for better seats, so we followed.

The theatre is known as the place where Stravinski’s Wright of Spring was first performed with riots amongst the audience ¬†as a result.

It is a lovely Art Deco building. The first one ever in Paris. It was buult in 1913.

The music was beautiful. Donozetti is a wonderful composer. The opera is filled with beautiful areas. The soprano was a gem. Jessica Pratt is a star, with a strong voice with a lyrical quality. She had ovations of up to 10 minutes between areas. Not bad for Paris known for demanding audiences.

Another super night of entertainment. The areas keep turning in my head.


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