This morning I had to check my phone to see what day it is! Days flow one into another. Life here is carefree. We live a sensual life of seeing beautiful things, hearing incredible music, both in concert and the street buskers. Great food and wine to taste snd smell and a day without time. We read, go to sleep and wake up spontaneously.

As I said before, will I be able to settle into a normal routine again. I love this life without stress, without responsibility and without possessions. Mabe we should look at to see what we can implement of this into our normal lifestyle. There must be a lesson to learn!

I know about the Henner museum. On my previous visit it was closed when I got there. I read up on him and it sounded stuffy. Frases like academic painter and portrait painter sounds dark and gloomy. But when I read that his work is difficult to catagorise I decided I do need to see this. Tonight I must confess: I am in love with another painters work! 

The work he made a living from is good, but there is much more than that. He made lots of studies before he started big works. These are the works that really impressed me. Small works with little detail, only a few brushstrokes and perfect result.

Beautiful, feminine, sensual figures on a dark background. I will post a You Tube video later. Please watch that too and be amazed, like me. The big question is, why did I never know about this artist. Even his small still lives are fascinating.

Afterward I decided to walk home and not to take the Metro. I needed all this to sink into my already stuffed brain.

I enjoyed Paris on foot. Beautiful shops and places to eat. Friendly people( I thought Parishioners are supposed to be rude) and lots of book and art stores.  Both of these are impossible for me to ignore.

I stopped at the Louvre to finish the sketch I started when I stood in the que to go in a few days ago but the painting got wet in the drizzle.

The banks of the Seine is like a beach with deck chairs everywhere for anyone to use. I sat down in one and drew some of the buildings on the other side.

I got home tired. After a wonderful nap Frederika and I went down to the river to read in the late afternoon cool air.

We attended a studio exhibition. Before most artists leave they show what they did during their residence here. This exhibition had work with cutout figures and thread.  Inivative and different. The other studio exhibition was a piano and voice performance that impressed.

Sensory overload…!!!


4 thoughts on “Today”

  1. Die meer mens ken en die breër mens se perspektief die meer ontvou die lewe voor mens. Duidelik groei en bloei jou syn met die verskydenheid hoë gehalte sensasies alom. Henner spreek ook tot my.

  2. So praat jy en meng met die ander kunstenaars daar Emile? Wat van so paar foto’s van die plek, gemeenskap en mense reg om jou waar jy bly? Mooi ‘seblief?

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