On the banks of the Seine is beautiful second hand bookstores or rather book stalls. Every time I pass them I am so thankful that I can’t read French fluidly ( yet). So far I can manage with the help of a dictionary, but I will get there. 

The reason for my thankfulness is that if I could read it well I would buy a lot of these books. They are beautiful and it is ideal to read any book in the language it was written in originally. I would love to read Zola’s La Terre in French. It was my first foreign language classic I read many years ago and ever since I am in love with great books.

And there is the beautiful book of my dreams, waiting for reading skills to develop.

The museum I planned to visit is closed on Tuesdays. I went to Parc Monceau and had a beautiful morning sitting there, watching the kids play and drawing. Being out on this late summer sunny day is glorious.

Around the corner is the Musée Cernuschi. It focuses on Asian Art but because it is small it is so accessible. I particularly enjoyed sketches of Pan Yulieng. Beautiful nudes, but with a fuller figure.

They had an interisting contemporary art exhibition. The artist is Lee Ungno. He made interesting comparison between Japanese calligraphy and their art.  This was obvious in the art work. It also made me think on the form of western art  (landscape format as we read left to right) whereas most eastern art is in portrait format(they write top to bottom).

For my afternoon stroll on the island I watched two Jazz bands of young kids that sounded so professional.  There are so many talented people!

Behind the Notre Dame I watched a photo shoot.

The Notre Dame was quiet today. I could sit and let my thoughts wander.

At home Frederika was back from her cooking classes. She baked delicious foecasia’s . It went down well with a glass of wine and extra toppings.

Maybe we will stroll along the river later.



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