After the Giacometti exhibition of yesterday I was excited that an artist I have a lot of respect for liked to study other artists work as well, and some of the drawings on exhibition is the same works I sketched previously in Florance as well.

This morning I prepared canvases and started doing ground layers. While waiting for it to dry I started sketching. The buildings, especially gothic churches have to much detail on them for quick drawing that I need to adapt my style. It turned out to be so much fun, that it took up the rest of my morning.

For the afternoon we booked into the Rodin museum.

Even if one has been to a museum before, to visit it again is a new experience. One comes back in a different mood, with more knowledge than the previous visit, and a new perspective.

Every museum I visited previously changed. New artworks, new exhibition techniques or just my own expectations that changed.

The museum is a spectacular setting for beautiful artworks. I can spend a day here. There wasn’t even time to draw.

After complaining today that I didn’t hear any ¬†french music so far we were treated to a recital of modern piano music: Debussy to Satie. ¬†It was heaven.

We ended our evening with a glass of good red wine on the banks of the Seine. How am I ever going to live a normal life again?


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