The effect of after hour work

It is often said that we do not appreciate something while you have it and only appreciate it once you lost it. It seems as if the reverse is true as well. The past two weeks I truly realized that we as a family missed out on because of my work. Being in a medical practice with unlimited after hours takes away so much of your family time. I am not only talking about not being at birthday parties and prize givings at school, but just not being present emotionally because you are worried about a patient or distracted by a phone call.

I only realized the impact on my life for the first time the last two weeks when, after a long day I can walk away from the hospital and know there is someone there that is responsible and I can relax until tomorrow.

Nobody truly realize the impact a medical practice has on the caretaker and their families ( well, maybe the children).

I worked with many doctors in my life. All, almost without exception has excellent work ethics. I do not know a doctor who will neglect a patient or do anything to disadvantage his patients. That is what is so sad about the current medico legal situation in our country and in the world. Because a few patients or attorneys want to make quick money, doctors can’t do what they are dedicated to do.

I am so thankful that I can still do what I love. I am also glad to discover that I can have off duty time almost everyday, like most other hard working people. I just wish the appreciation for those doctors working hard in their practices were more.

I salute you.

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  1. The partner and the children realise the inpact of medical practice. The partner long before the children!

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