New life Update

New life update:
It is truly great to be back. Home with all its luxuries, (more than two plates and cups), the kids, the pets and the beautiful people of Worcester.

The new job started on Monday. Monday was a real challenge. I am so used to doing things on my own and at my own pace. Now I work in a totally new system as part of a team. The system is working differently from what was working for me in private practice. Monday was a true challenge. Everything new and foreign, new faces, and you do not know what to do and where to do it.

At first I thought I will develop a deep depression and use up all my sick leave I do not have yet! Then I remembered that my father said that there is no better cure for depression than hard work. I know I must make it work. The team of people working with me is a beautiful bunch. They helped me to settle in and by Friday afternoon I was so settled in that I almost did not want to go home.

All my life I lived by going through the ‘open doors’. I believe that he right opportunity will come along at the right time. I did not go looking for what happened here in my life. It was a case of doors opening and closing and I had to decide if I am going to take the opportunity or not. The patients and staff who knew about the decision can tell you the enormity if the impact this decision will have on me and everybody around me. But I believe it is the right decision to make now.

Before specializing I worked in a big rural hospital where you had the feeling at the end of the day that you made a real difference in somebody’s life by being there that day. That is what I wish to archive again.

For now I am trying to find my feet in a new world. Then I will decide about limited private practice. So watch this space.

  • For now I will live the motto:
    There is good and bad in me; but what I do must represent the best in me.

16 thoughts on “New life Update”

  1. Sooo dankbaar jy is nie verlore vir SA nie,dankieee!

    Verseker hou ek die spasie dop vir privaat konsultasie.

    Ek is eerste op daardie lys gehoor!

    Sterkte met die nuwe fase in jou lewe.


  2. Alle sterkte Dr! Ek sal steeds uit die kaap uit ry na my gunsteling dr toe. Dr is een van daardie persone wat soos n woestyn rosie sal wortel skiet en suksesvol wees waar ookal jy uitgetrek en oor geplant word. Daardie genesende hande en liefdevolle oë en geaardheid wat enige persoon gemaklik laat voel is ‘n skaars diamant tussen die rots klippies.

    Baie liefde van die Parris gesin.

  3. Geweet Dr sal dit laat werk. Dr moet net asb laat weet hoe ons “ou” pasiente weer by Dr kan uitkom!!! Groete xxx

  4. Wow, klink baie exciting! Laat weet wanneer begin daai limited privaat praktyk en hoe word mens n pasient daar!

  5. Ek is eerste op Dr se lys vir “ou” pasiente, sal nooit vergeet hoe ek as jong getroude meisie Dr ontmoet het en ek wou omdraai en hardloop nie, nou kan ek my nie indink sonder die “engel” in my lewe nie.

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