Last Sunday

We waited for perfect weather to take our planned trip to Giverny. It is where Clause Monet made his home and planted the gardens that he painted for the rest of his life.

At last we get the chance for going somewhere by train. Getting train tickets seems more difficult than I remember… Since we woke up a little late it was a scramble to get to Gare Saint Lazare on time, but we made it!

The train stops at Vernon, a beautiful provincial town. From there we went to the gardens by a motorized little shuttle train. It took us through the old town and gives interesting commentary as it goes. It has a beautiful medieval town centre and the road to the gardens is very picturesque as well, with quaint old houses and lots of artists studios.

At the gardens we waited in line to enter, but it was worth waiting. I can not decide what is Monet’s biggest gift to mankind, his art or the gardens he left behind. I suppose if it wasn’t for his art, the gardens would have been lost by now.

We walked and sat and drank in the beauty of the gardens. I sat and played at being Monet. Unfortunately I had only a set of oil pastels with me, but it satisfied my need to play. It was so much fun!


The house is beautiful as well with lots of Monet’s art, his collection of impressionist art and Japanese woodcut prints, that was such a great influence on his art. It is a huge house, big enough to cater for his extended family.

To soon the wonderful sun filled day is over and we had to return to Paris.

Tomorrow we need is start packing and start to prepare for going home. I can hardly believe how time flew.

My exhibition for tomorrow is up. Still need to figure out how I am going to play the videos…

Ja came to say goodbye before joining his wife in Scotland. We really feel like old friends. I know our paths will cross again in the future!

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