More Thoughts on Silence

The Does Capitalism make people unhappy? I see people all over Paris, the City of Light and Love, but neither love nor light is reflected from their eyes and faces. Generally people I see on the streets seem to be deeply unhappy. Is it because of Capitalism. We live in a world driven by consumerism. Advertisement tell us that if we have this or that we will be happy.

But the moment you have it you know there is something better that you do not have. Your friends will have something bigger..
Consumerism is destroying our happiness and our world. I am sure if we go from ‘ must have ‘ to just buying what we need we would be much happier and more content.
We must learn to live in the moment. To enjoy what is in front of us and tell people about it. Give compliments and appreciate everyday things.
The best way to improve somebody’s life is to thank and compliment them.
When last did you do that?

I think back on the video I talked of yesterday on Silence. Maybe we should apply that to every aspect of our lives. Decrease input into our over stimulated lives. Make time to be quiet. Less electronic stimuli. Limit Facebook and e-mail to a specific time of our day. Buy less stuff we do not need, ever to stay out of shops if you don’t have to be there. No TV. I promice you , you will not miss anything. We are 5 years without one in the house, and we have time to get things done! ┬áTry it!

Just have a look at the trailer:

This morning as I stepped out of my flat on my way to go and draw next to the river, I found our area a hive of activity. People everywhere. It’s open day. A lot of the studios was set open to visitors. I had a ball of a time meeting lots of artists and talking about their work. There were several music performances as well from resident musicians.

Madame la Chef is of to chef school while I enjoyed my fellow artists company.

My new friend, Jan, joined me for a musical experience at the new cultural centre, La Seine Musicale. It is another of Jean Nouvel’s great buildings. Situated on an island in the Seine, in the former Renault factury.

Our aim is to see some work of the composer John Cage, especially the work 4′ 33 seconds. An crucial piece in the Pursuit of Silence we discussed yesterday. The whole program was highly stimulating and thought provoking. It is strange how one can become perceptive to new music and experiences because of circumstances. It was an increadible experience.

After her Macaroon cooking class Frederika joined me for a performance of the Cincinatti orchestra. An all American program from Adams stimulating Short Ride in a Fast Machine to Dvorak’s New World Symphony. A brilliant performance of an excellent orchestra.


Of course the Manefeldts were right up there in the cheap seats but with a good view and peefect sound.

Outside we were just in time for a spectacular fireworks treat .

at home the Macaroons were waiting but someone decided that they must rest for twenty four hours . They really don’t look all that tired to me!

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