“Seek what magnifies your spirit” – Patti Smith

By being on a creative sabbatical means that I look at a lot of art and that I think a lot about the creative process.

There are so many variables. For myself at the moment: I am out of my studio and must make do with what I have. The size of my brushes have already influenced my style.

I like to look at an artwork in front of me and let it speak for itself. But there is so much more going into it! The artists emotional state, his wellbeing, the influence of news happening out there, seasons, light conditions, studio or wirking outside.

Seeing Picasso once more made me aware that as an artist my first priority is to draw, draw, draw. Until you can do it eyes closed. In the Picasso Museum is an collection of 70 000 works of art. And every collection of modern art worldwide includes more. His work is mesmerizing. It just proves the statement of practice makes oerfect.

On the next 70 000 drawings! ¬†Cheers! Just do it…


I travel with the metro to walk along the Seine in an  area with more modern buildings. My ultimate goal is the museum Branly. This museum is dedicated to art from third world countries. Africa, the Americas and Oceania.

My main interest is the building. Iam a fan of the architect Jean Novel and this is one I am keen to inspect. The whole building is lifted off the ground so that an forrest could be planted around and under it. The building is magnificent.

Coming from Africa I am interested in indigenous art. This collection is really exceptional. The exhibition space is beautifully designed and the art is displayed with video explanations.

Etheopian cross

I met my family at the Orangerie museum afterward to show the the Monet lilies. After explaining the concept to them I asked Henry what he thinks of it: ” Well, he clearly did not have a life ” was his answer.

After another great organ recital in Notre Dame we were of home. We stopped at the open air big screen in front of the Hotel de Ville ( city hall) to catch up on the World Athletics in London.

Hotel de Ville

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