People are so entertaining! Especially a tourist with a selfie stick. It is more  fun to watch them than going to a zoo! The smiles and the poses are worth watching. Initially it irritated me but now I get myself a seat and settle in to watch…..

In the same breath I must say that I am impressed with new technology. For the first time ever I travel without my trusted Canon camera.  So far I do not really miss her. The cellphone does a good job without weighing me down and making me look like a tourist. I use it for photos and for making the videos. I need to carry my visual diary already,so I do not need extra baggage, especially with all the extra security everywhere.

The diary is an extension of me. I draw things that facilitate me, make notes on random thoughts and draw things I want to remember: buildings and art. I handmade the book with good drawing paper so that it will take almost any medium but so far it has been mostly pen and ink.

Yesterday I found some old frames in the small storeroom of our flat, I bought some canvas and stretched it last night. Quite a job without any tools. This morning I sealed it and it should be ready to use as soon as it dries!

My workstation in front if the widow. The Seine just outside.

With my English godchildren we set of early afternoon to the Picasso museum. The museum has a exhibition of Picasso running in paintings of his first wife,  Olga


I have been to the museum before but this time was breathtaking again. Was there ever before a more versatile artist in history. I am amazed by his drawing ability. He was a master! The big advantage was to be able to see his art through the eyes of the children. A new look on art.

A home cooked meal with friends and a walk along the Seine rounded of our day.

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