Bonjour Paris

I woke up to a beautiful soft grey Paris summer day this morning. I could hear cars and pedestrians passing down below in the streets like the heartbeat of a city.

We arrived late yesterday afternoon and was booked into our light and roomy bachelors flat in the first floor of the Cite des Arts on the bank of the Seine. We are a stone’s throw from the magnificent Notre Dame cathedral. We unpacked and had our first Parisian dinner at a street cafe and bought some stuf for breakfast before settling in for the night. Ready for a new adventure. With lights off came all the dark thoughts in my mind. “Do I deserve all this?” ” Am I good enough?” “What if..?”

But this morning early I woke up with: Yes! Lets go!

I was out at first light. This beautiful city was still sleeping. All tourists still in bed! Crisp morning air, wet pavements and beautiful old buildings greeted me. I was on the Ile St_Louis. The Seine floing softly around the little island. Little shop windows is like windows into secret worlds, each one beautifully decorated.

I always love doors and handles as well. They facinate me! What lies behind each one of them?

I ended up in Notre Dame Cathederal. All was quiet. The great cathederal welcoming me. The big space enclosed in soft light, people praying in corners before work.

I went home for breakfast. we visited the vibrant Marche D’Alegrie. It is a fruit market with beautiful fresh fruit. Smells. noise of venders shouting and peole buying add to the experience. We rush of home with our loot for lunch.

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