Museum Chagall, Nice, France

On a hillside in Nice, surrounded by a lush mediterranean garden lies the museum dedicated to the painter Marc Chagall. This is the first museum built in France to permanently display art of a living artist. The museum was built with the cooperation and involvement of the artist.

The permanent art works on display depicts images from the bible. The twentieth century art as a rule is overshadowed by a lack of religion and spirituality. Therefore this museum  is like a breath of fresh air  as it is permeated by Chagall’s childlike faith and spirituality.


Twelve huge paintings from Genesis and Exodus form the major part of the gallery, beautifully exhibited in a well laid out gallery where every wall was designed to display a specific painting. The artists vibrant use of colour  in his paintings come to life in the good lighting of the museum.


IMG_1222 IMG_1216 IMG_1220 IMG_1219 IMG_1221

A room dedicated to the poetry of the bible book: Song of songs by Solomen displays art that celebrates Love. All paintings is in the colour of love, shades of red.


IMG_1228 IMG_1227 IMG_1229


Stained glass windows in the auditorium , also desighned by Chagall, depicts the Creation

IMG_1214 IMG_1215

A huge mural outside the museum tells the story of Elijah.




The Marc Chagall Museum is the perfect space to spend a day.





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