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More American Music

Synchronisity . That is the theory that things happen to you when you are ready to receive when  you are prepared to receive it. The last few days were incredible.

Before leaving home I read in the BBC Music Magazine about the autobiography of one of my idols, Phillip Glass. The book is not available on Amazon yet. But I found it in Shakespeare and Co, the bookstore , in Paris. He writes about all his artist and composer friends, like Adams, Reich and Cage.

I watch lot of You Tube to catch up.
I decide not to ever see John Cage performances.
I then meet Jan Steyn. We talk about Silence and the Cage music 4’ 33 seconds ( about silence)
Next I see an American touring orchestra, the Cincinatti orchestra, visiting Paris. They present an all American program and three separate concerts to illustrate modern music from America. It is the first time ever I have even seen these works on a program, anywhere!

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