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Private Practice

Today I went to see my boss to talk of my new job and decide about the future of having a limited private practice in Worcester on an after hours basis. Due to happenings at the Worcester hospital in the last few months attitudes regarding part time practices changed a lot.

After consultation and a lot of thought I agreed to NOT consider doing part time private practice. I know this will upset a lot of my faithful patients. It comes as an unexpected blow to me as well. In the end I think that it will be the best for everybody involved. I think that everybody who knows me well enough will know that I do not do things if I can’t do it full out.

I made a tough decision to close my practice that I built up over twenty one years. Perhaps I should stick to that decision and go for the new life I am building. I am sad knowing I will not be able to see and treat my patients, I really miss the interaction with you people. I miss my old team of nursing staff and the other beautiful people who worked with me as well. It is not easy to walk away from 21 years. It was a great time…

The Mozart Phenomenon


Goethe said:”A phenomenon like Mozart is difficult to explain.”

Mozart started life as a child protégé. His father fashioned him and his sister as genius musicians. From an early age he toured the whole of Europe with them to show them off. In this way Mozart was exposed to the greatest musicians and composers living in Europe at the time. In that era composers was in service of royalty or the church. As Leopold Mozart displayed his children the European courts, not to be outdone by the visitors, princes and kings showed off the talents of composers and musicians they had at their service. In this way Mozart was exposed to the best of European music. Continue reading The Mozart Phenomenon