Rain brought some relief from the summer heat. We woke up to a cool fresh day. I started with a little painting. After breakfast I bought some much needed paints.

I am getting used to minimalist living. We have everything we need. Just enough. We arrived with 20 kg of baggage each and that included a lot of our books and our last exchange students’ last belongings which we returned to him.

Two pairs of trousers, a few shirts and a pair of shoes mean you do not have to choose what to wear. Two of everything in the kitchen means you must wash dishes now if you want to eat later.

The small flat is easy to keep clean and neat. We are convinced by the media we need more. We live in a wasteful consumer world. We need experiences and time for quality of life. Possessions become burdens. I hope I can implement this in my life when I return home.

Our first stop today is the Museum Victor Hugo. He lived in the beautiful Place des Vosges, which merits a visit. We know Hugo as the writer of stories used in films and musicals like The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Les Misrables.

Painting of Victor Hugo
Bust of Victor Hugo

To my surprise I learned that he was a prolific artist who left behind 3 500 sketches and etches. He was also fond of making and collecting furniture.

Dining room
One of 3 500 etches and paintings by the writer

We ate a wonderful lunch at the Manche Enfants Rouges.

That evening we attended a recital in the Notre Dame of soloists and organ, 13th century to modern work, the highlight Caldara’s Stabat Mater and Bach Magnificat.

We went home humming…


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