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The effect of after hour work

It is often said that we do not appreciate something while you have it and only appreciate it once you lost it. It seems as if the reverse is true as well. The past two weeks I truly realized that we as a family missed out on because of my work. Being in a medical practice with unlimited after hours takes away so much of your family time. I am not only talking about not being at birthday parties and prize givings at school, but just not being present emotionally because you are worried about a patient or distracted by a phone call.

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Who knows the music of Ennio Morroconiw

We are so fixated on money and possessions. If somebody owes you money it can lead to a loss of friendship or bad feelings. Money is like water, it tend to flow away without us noticing. And we can always make more money if it comes to that.

We should be jealous of our time. We have just so much. Once this moment is gone, we will never have it again. We should be more selfish with our time and more careless about money. I hate it when people waste my time. On the other hand I appreciate it most is somebody is willing to spend their precious time with me. Use your time well.

Some time ago I read that, if we reach the age of eighty we will have 24 280days at our disposal. Today I have less than 8 900 left. That feels like nothing! And we do not even if we will be privileged enough to live that long, or will be healthy enough to enjoy those days! We must start to appreciate every moment. Today!

Another wild goose chase today. Fortunately not all my fault but that is another story. We ended up going to the Pierre Lachaise cemetery. It sounds funny but it was such a relaxing quiet morning. The cemetery is green with huge trees and shade. I love the slightly run down feeling one experiences in a place like this. Everything is slightly overgrown, moss covered and slight decay. I think one can spend a long time there and take incredible photos.

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Saturday, drawing and painting

I woke up this morning to soft sunlight shining on the leaves of the trees outside my window. The leaves are starting to change colour already. Autumn is coming. Across the river the bells of Notre Dame is tolling, telling us of the dawn of a new day.

I start my day in front of my easel. Doesn’t this sound like heaven. I can hardly believe it is actually happening to me.

After breakfast I take my drawing book and pens for a few sketches. First place to sit is across the road in the garden of an old palace.

The renaissance garden is beautiful and sparrows come to see if there is any spare food for them. The temptation is huge to get a book and spend the rest of the day here reading.

The local church is Saint Gervais. What a great feeling to have this whole big building just to myself.

I can spend hours in front of stained glass windows. There is magic in the way it can transform light.

Both old and new windows are great to admire. They appear totally different but I still prefer the old ones.

Window of the local churchp :Saint Gervais

One of the sculptures, the Pieta is by an unknown sculptor but as beautiful as the one Michaelangelo carved. I end up drawing the face of a Maria.  Piece and quiet reigns.

After that I walked in the streets, admired the architecture, bought groceries and drew some more. As  I said: I think I am in heaven.

Saturday evening is time for the weekly organ recital in Notre Dame. This time we sit right up front, between the two rose windows The organ notes of Bach, Mendelsohn and Bossi rain down on us…