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The effect of after hour work

It is often said that we do not appreciate something while you have it and only appreciate it once you lost it. It seems as if the reverse is true as well. The past two weeks I truly realized that we as a family missed out on because of my work. Being in a medical practice with unlimited after hours takes away so much of your family time. I am not only talking about not being at birthday parties and prize givings at school, but just not being present emotionally because you are worried about a patient or distracted by a phone call.

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Private Practice

Today I went to see my boss to talk of my new job and decide about the future of having a limited private practice in Worcester on an after hours basis. Due to happenings at the Worcester hospital in the last few months attitudes regarding part time practices changed a lot.

After consultation and a lot of thought I agreed to NOT consider doing part time private practice. I know this will upset a lot of my faithful patients. It comes as an unexpected blow to me as well. In the end I think that it will be the best for everybody involved. I think that everybody who knows me well enough will know that I do not do things if I can’t do it full out.

I made a tough decision to close my practice that I built up over twenty one years. Perhaps I should stick to that decision and go for the new life I am building. I am sad knowing I will not be able to see and treat my patients, I really miss the interaction with you people. I miss my old team of nursing staff and the other beautiful people who worked with me as well. It is not easy to walk away from 21 years. It was a great time…

Last day!

Paris greeted me with grey skies this morning. I am sorry to leave. It truly was a wonderful time. We lived two months of a bliss, carefree and never really planning ahead. We lived the moment, decided  what to do when we woke up in the morning.

I am sad to say goodbye, but looking forward to see all our loved ones, and slightly worried about my new life as a worker bee in a big beehive. But that is only next week..

It is so sad to pack up. We had an incredible time. Something to treasure for life. We had beautiful experiences and made memories to last a lifetime. We can really say we experienced the best that Paris has to offer. I can now understand why most artists spend six months to a year in the Cité without being board. At the exhibition last night I actually saw how many friendships I made, without really even putting in the effort.

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Second last day

We woke up to a perfectly bright sunny day. Sunshine but not hot. Frederika was busy on the internet so I left to walk along the Seine, something I did almost every day. The second last day here. I can not believe this is almost over.

Tonight is my exhibition. It is not the strongest collection of works I presented as an exhibition, but I am presenting it as my personal memories of Paris. Places and things I have seen and that has influenced me in the short two months. I know that the real effect will only start showing in a few months time. Things must first mature, like good wine.

My exhibition

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