The New landowners

  • There is an incredible freedom if you can start looking for property without any pressure. We want to sell our house for several reasons that I already touched on. In the circumstances your available choices are almost too many. You can go for the small plot cut-off from a large older property in a settled neighbourhood, this is usually a panhandle type of property with the advantage of being safe, but with limited space and usually a area difficult to accommodate in the building process. In a area still being laid out, you can select the best position but you will be surrounded by builders and unfinished houses surrounding you for the next ten years. Building in an estate set-up means your building style and even the colour you paint your house is prescribed to you. I am much to individualistic to settle for that. Maybe I will settle for that when I move to a retirement village.

    The View of the plot from street level

    In the end we settled for the piece of land that stole our hearts, or is it our eyes. It was an emotional buy, and had nothing to do with rationality. We bought the view to die for. Maybe that is a bad choice of words. Let’s rather say we bought the view I would not mind waking up to every morning. Beautiful mountains in all directions, protected nature area within walking distance and the Karoo botanical gardens within sight

    I can hear you thinking: there must be a catch! Well, there is. The plot slopes with exactly ten meters from the highest to the lowest point. I am sure we will still cry a lot of tears ( and pay many a rand on construction and earth moving) before we can start building there.

    If we can say perfect happiness is the most important part of any purchase, I promise that this was a good buy. To add to the attractiveness of the buy I can say that it is bordered by a area that is public open space, that makes it appear twice as big, the plot is covered by local fynbos and succulents ( that I hope I can protect from too much damage from the building process) and that it is situated on the corner of two streets that means it is unlikely to feel boxed in by other houses later.

    So far so good.

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