Our responsibilities

Man is the most adaptable creature on earth. I think with my recent life changing decisions I proved that to myself. I am a strong believer that, to a great extent, man is the creator of his (or her) own happiness. Part of how you experience your circumstances is a choice you have to make. The old thing of a half empty or a half full glass.

I know that is a black and white kind of statement, but perhaps it is time more people take responsibility for their circumstances and start doing something about it. We can not control what happens to us, but we are in control of how we react to that.

We live in a country where everyone has human rights, but nobody claims to have human responsibility. In my book you have responsibilities and only if you comply with that you may claim your rights.


Life is about choices, but every decision will have consequences, and that includes not making a choice. Not to choose is a choice as well and usually bears more consequences. Not choosing makes it often more difficult to accept the results.

Every body can claim that the way we react to specific circumstances is due to something that happened in our past. Events from our past determines how we see life and how we experience daily life. Maybe it is time that we realize that ,even if we are the result of what happened in our past, the way we act today might determine somebody else’s future. Take responsibility for your words and actions!

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