Second last day

We woke up to a perfectly bright sunny day. Sunshine but not hot. Frederika was busy on the internet so I left to walk along the Seine, something I did almost every day. The second last day here. I can not believe this is almost over.

Tonight is my exhibition. It is not the strongest collection of works I presented as an exhibition, but I am presenting it as my personal memories of Paris. Places and things I have seen and that has influenced me in the short two months. I know that the real effect will only start showing in a few months time. Things must first mature, like good wine.

My exhibition

Just looking at the art brings back lots of memories.

But back to my walk along the river: I took my crayons with me on my walk, and my sketch journal as I do every day. I sat down on the grass next to the river and drew the , now well known bridges. With the oil pastels I started drawing in the new way that developed at Giverny yesterday. Almost an impressionist type of style, layer upon layer with no detail but giving the impression of light on water. The technique is far from perfect but I love the effect so far. I am definitely going to experiment with this a lot more. So exciting. I could even sit down and draw Notre Dame because I did not get bogged down by the detail of the building.

After drawing and walking I returned home to put the finishing touches to my exhibition. 64 drawings, two filled journals and 54 You Tube videos.

My journals

Even if I must say so myself: I was quite a busy man.

I wish I could represent something of the music I experienced as well. But how does a non musician do that? And what about all the other sensations, the smells, the views , experiences and spectacles?

The evening was a huge success. Lots of people, all very impressed with what I accomplished in two months. For me, it felt like playing…


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