Who knows the music of Ennio Morroconiw

We are so fixated on money and possessions. If somebody owes you money it can lead to a loss of friendship or bad feelings. Money is like water, it tend to flow away without us noticing. And we can always make more money if it comes to that.

We should be jealous of our time. We have just so much. Once this moment is gone, we will never have it again. We should be more selfish with our time and more careless about money. I hate it when people waste my time. On the other hand I appreciate it most is somebody is willing to spend their precious time with me. Use your time well.

Some time ago I read that, if we reach the age of eighty we will have 24 280days at our disposal. Today I have less than 8 900 left. That feels like nothing! And we do not even if we will be privileged enough to live that long, or will be healthy enough to enjoy those days! We must start to appreciate every moment. Today!

Another wild goose chase today. Fortunately not all my fault but that is another story. We ended up going to the Pierre Lachaise cemetery. It sounds funny but it was such a relaxing quiet morning. The cemetery is green with huge trees and shade. I love the slightly run down feeling one experiences in a place like this. Everything is slightly overgrown, moss covered and slight decay. I think one can spend a long time there and take incredible photos.

I went looking for the grave of Maria Callas that died 40 years ago. She was cremated and it took me forever to find her resting place. Only a small piece of marble with her name on is all that remains. No glamour, no show. It was really humbling.

Next stop was the ostentatious grave of Oscar Wilde. As his life it is an ongoing show. Traditionally women visiting the grave put on red lipstick and kiss a nice red pair of lips on the gravestone. It cost so much to keep it clean that a glass wall was erected around it to keep the women away. I find this extremely ironic!

I also visited Chopin’s grave where pianists pay homage with a single white rose.

The whole visit led to a lot of introspection. I think anyone who lost someone close to them is later touched by a cemetery. The smell of flowers at a cemetery, that slight smell of decay brings back so many memories.

On our way back home we stopped for a very late lunch at a little local street restaurant . They offer a meal of the day, something special the chef prepared, always delicious. But you can order from the menu too, but I sometimes like to be surprised and not having to make a decision.

Tonight we had another Emile special treat. A concert of music by my favorite film music composer, Ennio Morricone, conducted by the composer himself. It is held in an arena that can fit 20 000 people, packed to capacity. It is celebrating the composer’s 60 years of composing.


What a celebration! Music from all the films, starting with The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Cinema Paradiso to my favourite , The Mission! He uses such interisting instruments and combinations of instruments making it sound so different.

In comparison with other modern composers this music is easy on the ear. Maybe film music is the new opera. Music everybody knows, loves and sings, like it used to be with opera in older times.

5 thoughts on “Who knows the music of Ennio Morroconiw”

  1. Ooooohhhh…. Very, very, very jealous! Love love love orchestral movie music, Morricone, John Williams…. Aaaaaaahhhhh…. To hear it LIVE!!!
    Lucky fish

    1. Marlene, this was an absolute highlight.
      I have never experienced that 20 300 people can be completely quiet. It was incredible.
      He is 89 years old and conducted for 2 solid hours!

  2. Ek het vanoggend oppad werk toe na Maria Callas geluister, soveel meer begeesterend as die nuus van die dag. Ek kon op ‘n stadium nie anders nie as om die venster oop te draai sodat die goddelike klanke op die vroeë oggend herfsbriesie kon uitstroom nie. Wat ‘n stem….

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