What can be better than a lazy Sunday morning? Maybe to be in Paris with your beautiful wife on a Sunday morning!

We started at the Bastille market. It is as busy and colorful as always. With the joyful busking musicians it is the place to be. After a quick lunch freshly prepared we are ready for further exploration of this city I feel so much in home in.

I was following the conductor, Gardner, for the last few years as he performed and recorded the complete Bach sacred music, to great international acclaim. I never thought I would be able to attend one of his performances. He is currently busy doing the same with the work of Monteverdi. I was excited when Frederika found tickets for us and at the new Paris Philadelphia. Another building by architect Jean Nouvel.

We started at the museum of musical instruments. A beautiful set out museum with audio guides that has music played on the instruments on display, that is informative especially on barock music where we do not have similar instruments any more. An added benefit was that a lot of the music in tonight’s opera was featured in the museum.

The opera was Ulysees, one of the oldest operas ever performed, and just one of three by Monteverdi that survived intact. In the music world this performance is seen as a key happening. We were so fortunate to attend. The members of the choir group performing with Elliot Gardener are all solo artists in their own right. The music is beautiful but it was a marathon experience of three and a half hours. But I will do it again tomorrow if I had the opportunity!

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