Today started off with another wild goose chase. I wanted to see the antique furniture market on the outskirts of Paris. It ended up being the not so nice part of town, and the only thing we could find was a flea market! So we came all the way back! To find out we turned back a block too soon.

But we had a pleasant time together and a lovely meal to pamper ourselves. We spent some time in the flower market.

Afterward we collected our books and spent a few hours sitting in the autumn sun, reading snd watching people going by. There were stalls giving people flowers and flower crowns (for free!) Why? I still don’t know!

Madame is tired tonight. Monseur must decide between washing dishes and a Mozart piano concerto. Poor dishes…

The venue is Theatre Champs Elysees again. Tonight I stand queue for the very cheap seats, because I know what happens when the lights go out! And I got the best seat.

Conducting is Andrew Manze. I am a great admirer of his violin playing. He started with the Mozart Symphony nr 31, the Paris. After that came the piano concerto nr 9. Solist Alexandre Tharaud, a brilliant young pianist I was following as well! Both performed their music to perfection. The applause made our soloist play an encore, the lyrical Glass etude nr 6. Everything as if just for me!

Last on the program is Mendelsohn Symphony nr 4. The only work I thought did not know that well. But with the opening cords a floodgate of memories opened up, third year student, a beautiful young blonde girl and puppy love..let’s not go there. Monumental music, well performed should always make or carry memories.



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