To come back to the art and music of the last few days, it might all come back to the times we are living in. We live in the age of information. Everybody uses Google countless times every day. The new music and art l saw and heard all needed explanations to be understood. It might be time to read up on what and whoever’s art you are seeing.

Older art go by themes as well. If we look at Michaelangelo’s David we know him from Bible stories. We do not need to read up on it. We know the story of Genisis. We do not need anyone to explain the Sistene chapel frescoes to us.

I often say I am to dumb for poetry, but even poetry comes with a pre history. Now I am going to Google before I read my poetry.

This is a great exhibition I ran into today. Fortunately I did not need Google!

I decided today that I am a sick man. Frederika and me went out to lunch and some shopping, but after a while we split up. I spend most of my time in little bookshops and paper shops. Not that I need any, but I had to look, to feel and sniff it all. Not healthy ,I would say! But beautiful..


And another….

And of course the odd church or six and more old buildings. Just being here, feeling the vibe and breathing the air.

Just look at this fresco in a church that is not even in an tourist guide. It is huge beautiful and  quiet. Nobody there. I could just sit and stare in wonder!

There was a little sun late this afternoon and I enjoyed a walk along the Seine and drawing the last two bridges between the left bank of Paris and the island of the Notre Dame.

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