I wrote with my fountain pen today after a long time of electronic blogging. Writing is a creative process. Much more so than typing. I just love the marks a good fountain pen makes on paper. Since I came to Paris I neclected my trusted Morning Pages.
It is a technique I learned from Julia Cameron’s book The Artists Way. It is like early morning meditation and planning for the day in one. The key to my creativity.
I can advise it to anyone. And it must be pen on paper!

I had a quiet morning. We had an appointment to meet somebody for tea at eleven. I am still not quite sure how it came about ( and neither does he.)

Jan Steyn is the reverend of the Scotish prespeterian church in Paris. I am amazed how one can sometimes just click with someone as if you are old friends, when you first meet them. It does not often happen to me. ¬†We had a wonderful afternoon of talking about… lots of things.

I came away from Jan with a DVD called: In pursuit of Silence .

I watched it straight away when I got home, and for a second time this week I am almost derailed. Here is something that I need to look deeper into.

Silence is the road toward our true inner self.

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