Thursday: Opera and rap

I did a lot of thinking after last nights studio exhibition. The amount of thought that goes into this guys art is incredible. But what happened to technique and beauty. The way these people do art makes my art redundant. I am not applicable in their world. Old fashioned.

Help. Do I continue making out of date art or do I just give up?

The whole younger generation work like this. I went to several of the studio exhibitions and they all looked like this. Usually I just left. But last night a new world opened to me.

Poor me….

Maybe my art should look like this from now on.

I am sorry for everybody reading my blog with pictures coming up the wrong way around. I am working mostly from my i-phone. that turns pictures the right side up that the website do not aotomaticaly do. Sorry!

I bought myself a new book. Poems by Leonard Cohen. Facinating!

And you guessed! Another museum. The turn of the Cite de l’architecture. ┬áIt is actually an architects museum. Parts of architecture and models of buildings from the eleventh century till today.



The advantage is to be able to see parts of buildings like cathedrals that is usually so high that it is not visible, like capitals of pillars.

And gargoyles .


The modern part gives models of modern French buildings and videos of architects like le Corbusier and Renzo Piano giving talks.

There is a whole living unit built according to a plan by le Cornusier to house a family of four. An incredible design in a compact space.

Tonight we attended a performance by a soprano and two tenors in the open air arena below The Sacre Coeur.

Afterwords we stayed on for a rap festival but had to leave after an hour to save the last forty percent of my hearing.


We had alight dinner of delicious bagels with all the toppings we could get. What an interesting night.


4 thoughts on “Thursday: Opera and rap”

  1. Just a thought: seeing that at any given point in time there is more than one generation around on the planet (including, at the moment, ‘our’ generation) you might as well continue producing good old fashioned art. It will always be relevant. It will always be sought after and might become very fashionable again – like good old fashioned vinyl.

  2. Did you read my suggestion yesterday for the artist with the incense? I believe he has only collected the raw material. Now he must still transform it into art.

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