I woke up very laid back this morning. We slept till after nine o’clock. After breakfast I fidgeted with one painting that won’t come right and painted a little landscape.

I wanted to show Frederika the Moreau museum so we set of on that direction. The museum was as exciting as it was at the first visit. After showing Frederika some of my favorites I settled down in front of the sketch cupboards. The man was so prolific. They have more than eight thousand drawings framed behind glass to inspect.


You can sit in front of them and inspect them closely. The man was an incredible draftsman!

He developed an unique style where he painted and then drew over the painting. The painting on its own would be beautiful but the over drawing accentuate certain aspects of the painting adding to its impact.

Everybody who knows my own art will know how I love feathers. Moreau used lots of angels and mythical characters in his work and as a result studied bird wings a lot. Just look at this sketch.

On our way home we were in and out a lot of little shops with interesting stuff to look at.  After some grocery shopping we were on the Metro on our way home.

Late afternoon I drew another of the Seine bridges. After that I attended two studio exhibitions. The first an young woman from Theheran. She is a photographer. Her one series is on reflections of people in shop windows. You see a double picture with the shop content and reflected the reality of our world. Interesting how her culture makes her shy away from taking direct pictures of people as they see it as confrontational.  There are so many things that influence the way we make art.

The second exhibition is a young man from Israel. On entering it did not look promising!

Bags with ashes…?!

He  collected the incense ash from a variety of churches. He says that people say their prayers after lightning the incense. The ashes, for him, is like the essence of what is left after the prayers are said and we all go home. What an idea. It stopped me in my tracks and made me think. That is ehat art is about.  He also make connections between those ashes and what is left of us when we die… Even if the incence was burned in the most beautiful cathedral, only ashes remains and that is discarded.

Never will I walk past an artwork again if I can ask the artist what he meant to say!

The artist in his studio.

I am adding the Mareau video if you missed it



2 thoughts on “Wednesday”

  1. I get the feeling that Moreau’s paintings are prayers …

    Sorry to be so ignorant: what is the absolute Divine cello piece as backdrop to the video? (Can’t Shazam while watching on my phone).

    And then the continued argument of whether a piece of art should be able to ‘stand on its own’. But what a wonderful idea about the ashes. A next step could be to ‘paint’ a piece with the incense ashes as medium … The anonymous ‘young man’s’ work reminds of the movie with Sean Penn ’21 gram’ – apparantly that is what is left in ashes when you’re cremated ….

    1. The music is The Bach cello suites. Devine music for sure.

      Moreau’s paintings is dream like. He was knows as a Simbolist. I could not really find a definition that could describe the group as they were such individuals. Lots of religious and mythical references with a broad application in everyday life.

      I hate art that needs explaining. But contemporary art is like that. I should get past this obstacle in my mind. A whole new world of seeing opened for me last night.

      My art is totally out of place in their world…

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