Modern Architecture

Sometimes I am amazed how some people can realize their dreams. Why do some people’s lives work out seemingly easier than the rest of us. Why¬†do some become famous and the rest is classified as mediocre. Is it being at the right time in the right place kind of thing. Or are they better, or do they promote themselves better?

I am a fan of a few “better ” architects. Today I saw the Foundation Louis Vutton. The archtect is Frank Gehry.

It is an amazing building. I tried to draw it but it defies me. Poor engineer that needs to build it. It acts as an art gallery as well, and to my surprise it hosts a South African exhibition of contemporary art at present. I felt right at home.

Since we were close to la Defence and busy with modern architecture we stopped by there. This feels like New York. Paris is the city of contrast and surprise. And art… even here art is dominant. And to scale with the buildings.

Treat of the day: St Petersburg philharmonic society and choir with solists performs the Mozart Requiem under Yulia Khutorskaya.

I have been to heaven and back.



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