Not with a bang….

One of the modern British poets I like to read is T.S. Elliot. The poem Hollow Men is always a wake up call. The poem is like a diamond with many facets. But especially, for me, it is about not leading a full and fulfilling life.

The last sentence says:

“this is the way the world ends

not with a bang, but with a wimper.”

The way we live our moments is the way we live our lives. Stop living for: “one day when….”. Our lives past by while we are waiting for one day! We can not all do great things, but we can do small things in a great way.

But get up and do it! Now!

After this morning’s thought I had a quiet day. A day to digest the rich art world I explored the last month. I can hardly believe I left home almost a month ago!

Today¬†I did shopping, painted, read poetry and thought… The last part was the most difficult part of my day!

The evening music was the Bach Goldberg variations transcription for string trio. This is my number one piece of music. In my opinion one of mans greatest achievements. Compared to visual art it’s up there with masterpieces like Michaelangelo’s Sistene chapel ceiling!

The trio interpretation was glorious. I can never understand why the alto violin is not the most popular string instrument. It has a heavenly sound.

I know it’s the worst picture ever but imagine it in the setting.

Dinner afterwards.  Delicious!

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