Day two

Today we visited the Monde Arabe. It is an interesting building by architect Jean Novelle. The windows, inspired by Arabic tile work, can change to adjust changes in the light during the day. Except for functionality it is beautiful as well.

Three floors house the museum with beautiful items from all over the Arab world. In the current climate of resistance against Arabic people, I went with apprehension. But what a surprise.

Art and objects of Arabic, Christian and Jewish origin are exhibited side by side, as these people lived in the time of Mohammed.

It is so sad that hatred can spoil everything. We inherited much from that culture as well and should embrace it: maths, astronomy and much more.

Next stop : Brancusi museum. He is the 20th century’s most undervalued artist. I love his minimalism and pure forms. Sitting in front of these works is like seeing art in a new way.

Next stop: Centre Pompidou. I remember previous visits as less enjoyable. After enjoying this insides out building with all its structure and pipes exposed I went up to the top floor for an amazing view of Paris.  The top level is dedicated to twentieth  century artists. Most beautiful Modern art I have seen in a long time! Matisse, Picasso and Americans such as Rothco and Pollock.  Even pleasure is exhausting.  I had to sit under the trees to get my breath back. But here in front of the museum the people are even more interesting than the art…

Our day ends with a beautiful organ recital in the Notre Dame. Heavenly music in one of the world’s most beautiful cathedrals.


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