Ending or beginning

Every ending

is a new beginning

Life ends here…

And starts again.

At midday today I will close the door on 21 years in a sucsessful gynaecological practice, to start a new life. Many interesting things lead to this happening. It is really sad. But at the same time I am filled with fear and excitement. Fear for the unknown and excitement for a new life with many great new chalenges…

But first, a great new adventure. The love of my life, Frederika, and I are leaving for two months in Paris. The city of Lights. We will be living in the Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris where I was awarded a two month art residency. We will spend it in a bachelors flat in a building on the righ bank of the Seine a stone throw away from the Notre Dame cathedral. Watch this space for photo’s in the near future. Our neighbours will be 80 artists, writers and musicians from all over the world who received the same privilege to immerse ouselfs in the art and culture of Paris and the world.

Yes, I do realise how fortunate I am.

But first we will visit friends of many years in Berlin, Germany. Afterwards we are off to a few days in Dresden with another previous exchange student and son, Max. On August the third we will book into our sabbatical and rest before we start our new life in October.

Watch this space for daily updates…

17 thoughts on “Ending or beginning”

  1. Yes an ending is not always easy but something has to end before something wonderful can begin. Something has to die before something new can be born. See this as a new born baby for you and your wife. God bless. He will go before you and has your back. Blessings doc xxx

    1. Ek skryf vir jou n gedig in blou
      Met woorde van onthou want
      In gister se woorde
      Le more se onthou
      Erins tussen hier en nou

  2. … inspiring, challenging that is, the map of life. Keep it close from waypoint to waypoint on your journey to find treasures to enlightened your curiosity to adapt or change the canvas of life.

  3. Surrounded by artists from all over the world ‘a stone’s throw away from the Notre Dame’. Is dit waar die term ‘hemel op aarde’ vandaan kom. Wat ‘n wonderlike geleentheid! Hope you have the time of your life!

  4. Wat ‘n voorreg is dit nie! Maak die beste van dit en geniet elke liewe oomblik daarvan julle 2’tjies! Have fun. Love, serve and remember all of us will follow this blog!!!! Veilig wees en sit asb baie foto’s op!!!!!!xx

  5. Jy het eenmaal gesê dit neem tyd om jouself te herdefinieer … onthou dit as jy terug is in Oktober en jy konfronteer jou challenges. For now however, live your dream !

  6. Bon Voyage dok. Ek hoop dok gaan een helse jol he dit is voorwaar n droom geleentheid geniet elke oomblik daarvan. Great things awaits you inbthe future.

  7. Wishing you both Bon Voyage. Enjoy enjoy enjoy. We will be following you both every step of the way. Au revoir

  8. When husband and wife say “I do”, then they express the desire to be together forever. To grow old together. To take on adventures together.
    To get to spend each day of that forever together in special places, makes this even more wonderful. May you enjoy this time together, may you have joy, laughter, love and unforgettable moments.
    You are both amazing people who deserve this and so much more. You have given so much of yourselves, now it is time for each other. From Riaan and I, enjoy the beautiful city of love!
    J’espère que vous avez un temps merveilleux!!!

  9. Wat is dit een buitenkans voor jullie beiden. We wensen jullie heel veel succes in deze prachtige stad vol met de mooiste kunst.Geweldig dat je dit na zo’n lange periode als gyneacoloog werkzaam te zijn geweest mag doen. Een hele fijne tijd samen met Frederike toegewenst,

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