Reduction Wood cut

Reduction woodcut is a graphic printing process using wood as basis. the process is similar to wood cut and lino cut prints except that one use the same block of wood to do the printing but reducing the amount of printing surface with every print. Colours are used from lightest to darkest so that lighter colours can shine through. It is a time consuming process the art buying public do not understand. Every print is still an original work of art. Each one is different.


I try to present, in these woodcuts my loves in life:

I love old buildings. In South Africa we see a lot of small independent grocers. They usually occupy old buildings and they call themselves cafe’s.

Pardon Cafe Pious cafe lino_0023 lino_0026 Victoria Cafe. Woodstock_NEW

Small pots of garden flowers wil brighten up any day.

malvalino_0028 viooltjies Snowdrops rose

Old enamel table ware conjures up a world that is past….

lino_0002 lino_0003 bekertjie lino_0005

Stone angels is another favorite.

klip engel engel

I love the sea.

Hawe Kalkbaai

And more….




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