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I never liked Picasso. I always found him arrogant, patronizing and jealous of his fellow artists. Towards the (many) women in his life he was chauvinistic and unsympathetic.

Picture of Olga. His first wife
Picture of Olga. His first wife

That was until I was forced by my wife to go to the museum for his art, almost 20 years ago.As I stood before one masterpiece after another I could feel my resistance crumble. The man was a genius! You could see his style mature from absolute representational, on through the blue and pink periods and from there on to most of the modern styles of his time, most of witch he was the driving force.

The museum is housed in the former palace built for Piere Aubert, a former salt tax collector. in 1656. The building is now restored and houses the art collection of Picasso. This year is the 30th year that it is home to the Picasso art collection.

IMG_1129  IMG_1126 IMG_1128

I was amazed at the amount of sculpture he produced. From cubist look alike sculpture, found objects turned into sculpture and wire and cast works.

IMG_1123 IMG_1133 IMG_1132


Of all his art I love the line drawings best. Elegant line work with stylized but recognizable images of friends and lovers.


Cubist works is fascinating as well. Known ojects seen from different sides at once. Who other than Picasso, can think of a concept like that!IMG_1125 IMG_1124 IMG_1146IMG_1127


He tried all styles and art techniques. Pottery, etching., lino cut oil and acrylic paint, sculpture and even photography.

IMG_1134  IMG_1130IMG_1136

Bullfighting was one of Picasso's favorite pastimes. Many times did he use the theme in his work, like this elegant small painting.
Bullfighting was one of Picasso’s favorite pastimes. Many times did he use the theme in his work, like this elegant small painting.

After a morning in the Picasso museum, I bow a knee to the greatest artist of the 21st century

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